Salt 2014.1.3 Release Notes



Version 2014.1.3 is another bugfix release for 2014.1.0. It was created as a hotfix for a regression found in 2014.1.2, which was not distributed. The only change made was as follows:

  • Fix regression that caused saltutil.find_job to fail, causing premature terminations of salt CLI commands.

Changes in the not-distributed 2014.1.2, also included in 2014.1.3:

  • Fix username detection when su'ed to root on FreeBSD (issue 11628)

  • Fix minionfs backend for file.recurse states

  • Fix 32-bit packages of different arches than the CPU arch, on 32-bit RHEL/CentOS (issue 11822)

  • Fix bug with specifying alternate home dir on user creation (FreeBSD) (issue 11790)

  • Don’t reload site module on module refresh for MacOS

  • Fix regression with running execution functions in Pillar SLS (issue 11453)

  • Fix some modules missing from Windows installer

  • Don’t log an error for yum commands that return nonzero exit status on non-failure (issue 11645)

  • Fix bug in rabbitmq state (issue 8703)

  • Fix missing ssh config options (issue 10604)

  • Fix top.sls ordering (issue 10810 and issue 11691)

  • Fix salt-key --list all (issue 10982)

  • Fix win_servermanager install/remove function (issue 11038)

  • Fix interaction with tokens when running commands as root (issue 11223)

  • Fix overstate bug with find_job and **kwargs (issue 10503)

  • Fix saltenv for aptpkg.mod_repo from pkgrepo state

  • Fix environment issue causing file caching problems (issue 11189)

  • Fix bug in __parse_key in registry state (issue 11408)

  • Add minion auth retry on rejection (issue 10763)

  • Fix publish_session updating the encryption key (issue 11493)

  • Fix for bad AssertionError raised by GitPython (issue 11473)

  • Fix debian_ip to allow disabling and enabling networking on Ubuntu (issue 11164)

  • Fix potential memory leak caused by saved (and unused) events (issue 11582)

  • Fix exception handling in the MySQL module (issue 11616)

  • Fix environment-related error (issue 11534)

  • Include psutil on Windows

  • Add file.replace and to Windows (issue 11471)

  • Add additional file module helpers to Windows (issue 11235)

  • Add pid to netstat output on Windows (issue 10782)

  • Fix Windows not caching new versions of installers in winrepo (issue 10597)

  • Fix hardcoded md5 hashing

  • Fix kwargs in salt-ssh (issue 11609)

  • Fix file backup timestamps (issue 11745)

  • Fix stacktrace on sys.doc with invalid eauth (issue 11293)

  • Fix git.latest with test=True (issue 11595)

  • Fix file.check_perms hardcoded follow_symlinks (issue 11387)

  • Fix certain pkg states for RHEL5/Cent5 machines (issue 11719)