Salt 2015.8.7 Release Notes

Version 2015.8.7 is a bugfix release for 2015.8.0.


Salt 2015.8.4, 2015.8.5, and 2015.8.7 were all released within a short period due to regressions found soon after the releases of 2015.8.4 and 2015.8.5. See here for the 2015.8.4 release notes, and here for the 2015.8.5 release notes.


Change to Epoch Support for YUM/DNF

For pkg.installed states, on Linux distributions which use yum/dnf, packages which have a non-zero epoch in the version number now require this epoch to be included when specifying an exact version for a package. For example:

    - version: 2:7.4.160-1.el7

The pkg.latest_version and pkg.list_repo_pkgs functions can be used to get the correct version string to use, as they will now contain the epoch when it is non-zero.

Changelog for v2015.8.5..v2015.8.7

Generated at: 2018-05-28 00:17:59 UTC

  • PR #31111: (justinta) Fixes failing npm test on arch. @ 2016-02-10 21:51:47 UTC

    • 8d84c636cf Merge pull request #31111 from jtand/8_4_npm_fix

    • b0a48e5ef2 Fixes failing npm test on arch.

    • PR #30217: (pass-by-value) Make sure cloud actions can be called via salt run

  • ISSUE #31014: (gtmanfred) [2015.8] pkg breaks for yum pkgs.latest if the packages has an epoch (refs: #31031, #31015)

  • PR #31092: (terminalmage) Apply PR #31031 to 2015.8.4.follow_up @ 2016-02-10 20:54:37 UTC

    • PR #31031: (terminalmage) More complete fix for #31014 (refs: #31092)

    • PR #31015: (gtmanfred) include possible epoch in version for rpm (refs: #31031)

    • 5a6a93e98b Merge pull request #31092 from terminalmage/issue31014-2015.8.4.follow_up

      • 2767a4e519 Don't handle epoch specially for dnf

      • e5dfcc0ef2 More efficient way to add the epoch before version number

      • ed7462793c include possible epoch in version for rpm

    • 6c6b66aedd Comment multiprocessing line in minion config

    • 1f7dfefc4a Set multiprocessing to true in

    • 433c645c20 Fix remove placeholder files

    • 71037560d4 Remove placeholder files

    • 20b381fdf7 Set overwrite to off

    • ca50f56d6c Fix boto_secgroup

    • fd571d23de Fix boto test failures

    • cfb6588744 Fix regression when contents_pillar/contents_grains is a list.

    • 881d8669e3 use time lib to conver to epoch seconds

    • 31412920fc The call to cp.get_url needs the saltenv, if you're using environments other than base, it will fail.

    • a8694014a9 Fix regression in git_pillar when multiple remotes are configured

    • 2243f25be5 Properly set the default value for pillar_merge_lists

    • c7472ff6aa Lint

    • d868711a83 Fix failing boto_vpc module unit tests

    • ed09516469 Fix failing state module tests

    • fd0e940088 Pylint fix

    • bc780a7c25 Don't use pack=pack. Just pass in pack=__salt__ always.

    • 1ae022dbfe Pass in 'pack' variable to utils.boto.assign_funcs function from ALL boto modules.

    • 1efaff107d Remove bad symlinks in osx pkg dirs