Salt 0.13.0 Release Notes



The lucky number 13 has turned the corner! From CLI notifications when quitting a salt command, to substantial improvements on Windows, Salt 0.13.0 has arrived!

Major Features

Improved file.recurse Performance

The file.recurse system has been deployed and used in a vast array of situations. Fixes to the file state and module have led towards opening up new ways of running file.recurse to make it faster. Now the file.recurse state will download fewer files and will run substantially faster.

Windows Improvements

Minion stability on Windows has improved. Many file operations, including file.recurse, have been fixed and improved. The network module works better, to include network.interfaces. Both 32bit and 64bit installers are now available.

Nodegroup Targeting in Peer System

In the past, nodegroups were not available for targeting via the peer system. This has been fixed, allowing the new nodegroup expr_form argument for the publish.publish function:

salt-call publish.publish group1 expr_form=nodegroup

Blacklist Additions

Additions allowing more granular blacklisting are available in 0.13.0. The ability to blacklist users and functions in client_acl have been added, as well as the ability to exclude state formulas from the command line.

Command Line Pillar Embedding

Pillar data can now be embedded on the command line when calling state.sls and state.highstate. This allows for on the fly changes or settings to pillar and makes parameterizing state formulas even easier. This is done via the keyword argument:

salt '*' state.highstate pillar='{"cheese": "spam"}'

The above example will extend the existing pillar to hold the cheese key with a value of spam. If the cheese key is already specified in the minion's pillar then it will be overwritten.

CLI Notifications

In the past hitting ctrl-C and quitting from the salt command would just drop to a shell prompt, this caused confusion with users who expected the remote executions to also quit. Now a message is displayed showing what command can be used to track the execution and what the job id is for the execution.

Version Specification in Multiple-Package States

Versions can now be specified within multiple-package pkg.installed states. An example can be found below:

    - pkgs:
      - foo
      - bar: 1.2.3-4
      - baz

Noteworthy Changes

The configuration subsystem in Salt has been overhauled to make the opts dict used by Salt applications more portable, the problem is that this is an incompatible change with salt-cloud, and salt-cloud will need to be updated to the latest git to work with Salt 0.13.0. Salt Cloud 0.8.5 will also require Salt 0.13.0 or later to function.

The SaltStack team is sorry for the inconvenience here, we work hard to make sure these sorts of things do not happen, but sometimes hard changes get in.