Salt 0.7.0 release notes

I am pleased to announce the release of Salt 0.7.0!

This release marks what is the first stable release of salt, 0.7.0 should be suitable for general use.

0.7.0 Brings the following new features to Salt:

  • Integration with Facter data from puppet labs

  • Allow for matching minions from the salt client via Facter information

  • Minion job threading, many jobs can be executed from the master at once

  • Preview of master clustering support - Still experimental

  • Introduce new minion modules for stats, virtualization, service management and more

  • Add extensive logging to the master and minion daemons

  • Add sys.reload_functions for dynamic function reloading

  • Greatly improve authentication

  • Introduce the saltkey command for managing public keys

  • Begin backend development preparatory to introducing butter

  • Addition of man pages for the core commands

  • Extended and cleaned configuration

0.7.0 Fixes the following major bugs:

  • Fix crash in minions when matching failed

  • Fix configuration file lookups for the local client

  • Repair communication bugs in encryption

  • Numerous fixes in the minion modules

The next release of Salt should see the following features:

  • Stabilize the cluster support

  • Introduce a remote client for salt command tiers

  • salt-ftp system for distributed file copies

  • Initial support for "butter"

Coming up next is a higher level management framework for salt called Butter. I want salt to stay as a simple and effective communication framework, and allow for more complicated executions to be managed via Butter.

Right now Butter is being developed to act as a cloud controller using salt as the communication layer, but features like system monitoring and advanced configuration control (a puppet manager) are also in the pipe.

Special thanks to Joseph Hall for the status and network modules, and thanks to Matthias Teege for tracking down some configuration bugs!

Salt can be downloaded from the following locations;

Arch Linux Package:

Please enjoy the latest Salt release!