Salt 2014.1.10 Release Notes




Version 2014.1.9 contained a regression which caused inaccurate Salt version detection, and thus was never packaged for general release. This version contains the version detection fix, but is otherwise identical to 2014.1.9.

Version 2014.1.10 is another bugfix release for 2014.1.0. Changes include:

  • Ensure salt-ssh will not continue if permissions on a temporary directory are not correct.

  • Use the bootstrap script distributed with Salt instead of relying on an external resource

  • Remove unused testing code

  • Ensure salt states are placed into the .salt directory in salt-ssh

  • Use a randomized path for temporary files in a salt-cloud deployment

  • Clean any stale directories to ensure a fresh copy of salt-ssh during a deployment

Salt 2014.1.10 fixes security issues documented by CVE-2014-3563: "Insecure tmp-file creation in, salt-ssh, and salt-cloud." Upgrading is recommended.