Salt 3006.5 release notes



  • Tech Debt - support for pysss removed due to functionality addition in Python 3.3 #65029


  • Improved error message when state arguments are accidentally passed as a string #38098

  • Allow pip.install to create a log file that is passed in if the parent directory is writeable #44722

  • Fixed merging of complex pillar overrides with salt-ssh states #59802

  • Fixed gpg pillar rendering with salt-ssh #60002

  • Made salt-ssh states not re-render pillars unnecessarily #62230

  • Made Salt maintain options in Debian package repo definitions #64130

  • Migrated all invoke tasks to python-tools-scripts.

    • tasks/docs.py -> tools/precommit/docs.py

    • tasks/docstrings.py -> tools/precommit/docstrings.py

    • tasks/loader.py -> tools/precommit/loader.py

    • tasks/filemap.py -> tools/precommit/filemap.py #64374

  • Fix salt user login shell path in Debian packages #64377

  • Fill out lsb_distrib_xxxx (best estimate) grains if problems with retrieving lsb_release data #64473

  • Fixed an issue in the file.directory state where the children_only keyword argument was not being respected. #64497

  • Move salt.ufw to correct location /etc/ufw/applications.d/ #64572

  • Fixed salt-ssh stacktrace when retcode is not an integer #64575

  • Fixed SSH shell seldomly fails to report any exit code #64588

  • Fixed some issues in x509_v2 execution module private key functions #64597

  • Fixed grp.getgrall() in utils/user.py causing performance issues #64888

  • Fix user.list_groups omits remote groups via sssd, etc. #64953

  • Ensure sync from _grains occurs before attempting pillar compilation in case custom grain used in pillar file #65027

  • Moved gitfs locks to salt working dir to avoid lock wipes #65086

  • Only attempt to create a keys directory when --gen-keys is passed to the salt-key CLI #65093

  • Fix nonce verification, request server replies do not stomp on eachother. #65114

  • speed up yumpkg list_pkgs by not requiring digest or signature verification on lookup. #65152

  • Fix pkg.latest failing on windows for winrepo packages where the package is already up to date #65165

  • Ensure kwarg is preserved when checking for kwargs. This change affects proxy minions when used with Deltaproxy, which had kwargs popped when targeting multiple minions id. #65179

  • Fixes traceback when state id is an int in a reactor SLS file. #65210

  • Install logrotate config as /etc/logrotate.d/salt-common for Debian packages Remove broken /etc/logrotate.d/salt directory from 3006.3 if it exists. #65231

  • Use sha256 as the default hash_type. It has been the default since Salt v2016.9 #65287

  • Preserve ownership on log rotation #65288

  • Ensure that the correct value of jid_inclue is passed if the argument is included in the passed keyword arguments. #65302

  • Uprade relenv to 0.14.2

    • Update openssl to address CVE-2023-5363.

    • Fix bug in openssl setup when openssl binary can't be found.

    • Add M1 mac support. #65316

  • Fix regex for filespec adding/deleting fcontext policy in selinux #65340

  • Ensure CLI options take priority over Saltfile options #65358

  • Test mode for state function saltmod.wheel no longer set's result to (None,) #65372

  • Client only process events which tag conforms to an event return. #65400

  • Fixes an issue setting user or machine policy on Windows when the Group Policy directory is missing #65411

  • Fix regression in file module which was not re-using a file client. #65450

  • pip.installed state will now properly fail when a specified user does not exists #65458

  • Publish channel connect callback method properly closes it's request channel. #65464

  • Ensured the pillar in SSH wrapper modules is the same as the one used in template rendering when overrides are passed #65483

  • Fix file.comment ignore_missing not working with multiline char #65501

  • Warn when an un-closed transport client is being garbage collected. #65554

  • Only generate the HMAC's for libssl.so.1.1 and libcrypto.so.1.1 if those files exist. #65581

  • Fixed an issue where Salt Cloud would fail if it could not delete lingering PAexec binaries #65584


  • Added Salt support for Debian 12 #64223

  • Added Salt support for Amazon Linux 2023 #64455