Salt 3003.4 (2022-02-25)

Version 3003.4 is a CVE security fix release for 3003.

Important notice about upgrading

Version 3003.4 is a security release. 3003.4 minions are not able to communicate with masters older than 3003.4. You must upgrade your masters before upgrading minions.

Minion authentication security

Authentication between masters and minions rely on public/private key encryption and message signing. To secure minion authentication before you must pre-seed the master's public key on minions. To pre-seed the minions' master key, place a copy of the master's public key in the minion's pki directory as


  • Sign authentication replies to prevent MiTM (cve-2022-22935)

  • Prevent job and fileserver replays (cve-2022-22936)

  • Sign pillar data to prevent MiTM attacks. (cve-2202-22934)

  • Fixed targeting bug, especially visible when using syndic and user auth. (CVE-2022-22941) (#60413)

  • Fix denial of service in junos ifconfig output parsing.