Salt 3006.1 release notes



  • Check that the return data from the cloud create function is a dictionary before attempting to pull values out. #61236

  • Ensure NamedLoaderContext's have their value() used if passing to other modules #62477

  • add documentation note about reactor state ids. #63589

  • Added support for test=True to the file.cached state module #63785

  • Updated source_hash documentation and added a log warning when source_hash is used with a source other than http, https and ftp. #63810

  • Fixed clear pillar cache on every highstate and added clean_pillar_cache=False to saltutil functions. #64081

  • Fix dmsetup device names with hyphen being picked up. #64082

  • Update all the scheduler functions to include a fire_event argument which will determine whether to fire the completion event onto the event bus. This event is only used when these functions are called via the schedule execution modules. Update all the calls to the schedule related functions in the deltaproxy proxy minion to include fire_event=False, as the event bus is not available when these functions are called. #64102, #64103

  • Default to a 0 timeout if none is given for the terraform roster to avoid -o ConnectTimeout=None when using salt-ssh #64109

  • Disable class level caching of the file client on SaltCacheLoader and properly use context managers to take care of initialization and termination of the file client. #64111

  • Fixed several file client uses which were not properly terminating it by switching to using it as a context manager whenever possible or making sure .destroy() was called when using a context manager was not possible. #64113

  • Fix running setup.py when passing in --salt-config-dir and --salt-cache-dir arguments. #64114

  • Moved /etc/salt/proxy and /lib/systemd/system/salt-proxy@.service to the salt-minion DEB package #64117

  • Stop passing **kwargs and be explicit about the keyword arguments to pass, namely, to cp.cache_file call in salt.states.pkg #64118

  • lgpo_reg.set_value now returns True on success instead of None #64126

  • Make salt user's home /opt/saltstack/salt #64141

  • Fix cmd.run doesn't output changes in test mode #64150

  • Move salt user and group creation to common package #64158

  • Fixed issue in salt-cloud so that multiple masters specified in the cloud are written to the minion config properly #64170

  • Make sure the salt-ssh CLI calls it's fsclient.destroy() method when done. #64184

  • Stop using the deprecated salt.transport.client imports. #64186

  • Add a .pth to the Salt onedir env to ensure packages in extras are importable. Bump relenv to 0.12.3. #64192

  • Fix lgpo_reg state to work with User policy #64200

  • Cloud deployment directories are owned by salt user and group #64204

  • lgpo_reg state now enforces and reports changes to the registry #64222