Salt 2014.1.5 Release Notes



Version 2014.1.5 is another bugfix release for 2014.1.0. Changes include:

  • Add function for finding cached job on the minion

  • Fix iptables save file location for Debian (issue 11730)

  • Fix for minion caching jobs when master is down

  • Bump default syndic_wait to 5 to fix syndic-related problems (issue 12262)

  • Add OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and NetBSD support for network.netstat (issue 12121)

  • Fix false positive error in logs for makeconf state (issue 9762)

  • Fix for yum fromrepo package installs when repo is disabled by default (issue 12466)

  • Fix for extra blank lines in file.blockreplace (issue 12422)

  • Fix grain detection for OpenVZ guests (issue 11877)

  • Fix get_dns_servers function for Windows win_dns_client

  • Use system locale for ports package installations

  • Use correct stop/restart procedure for Debian networking in debian_ip (issue 12614)

  • Fix for cmd_iter/cmd_iter_no_block blocking issues (issue 12617)

  • Fix traceback when syncing custom types (issue 12883)

  • Fix cleaning directory symlinks in

  • Add performance optimizations for saltutil.sync_all and state.highstate

  • Fix possible error in saltutil.running

  • Fix for kmod modules with dashes (issue 13239)

  • Fix possible race condition for Windows minions in state module reloading (issue 12370)

  • Fix bug with roster for passwd option that is loaded as a non-string object (issue 13249)

  • Keep duplicate version numbers from showing up in pkg.list_pkgs output

  • Fixes for Jinja renderer, timezone module/state (issue 12724)

  • Fix timedatectl parsing for systemd>=210 (issue 12728)

  • Fix saltenv being written to YUM repo config files (issue 12887)

  • Removed the deprecated external nodes classifier (originally accessible by setting a value for external_nodes in the master configuration file). Note that this functionality has been marked deprecated for some time and was replaced by the more general master tops system.

  • More robust escaping of ldap filter strings.

  • Fix trailing slash in gitfs_root causing files not to be available (issue 13185)