Salt 3001.1 Release Notes

Version 3001.1 is a bugfix release for 3001.


  • Change the enable_fqdns_grains setting to default to False on Windows to address some issues with slowness. (#56296, #57529)

  • Handle the UCRT libraries the same way they are handled in the Python 3 installer (#57594)

  • Changes the 'SSDs' grain name to 'ssds' as all grains needs to be resolved in lowered case. (#57612)


  • When running scheduled jobs from a proxy minion with multiprocessing turned off (default) a recursive error occurs as __pub_fun_args is repeated over and over again in the kwargs element in the data dictionary. Now we make a copy of data['kwargs'] instead of using a reference. (#57941)

  • The x509.certificate_managed state no longer triggers a change because of sorting issues if the certificate being evaluated was previously generated under Python 2. (#56556)

  • Added support to lo ip alias in network.managed state by checking if lo inet data from network.interfaces contains label with the name of managed interface. Return status True if match found. (#56901)

  • Redact passwords in the return when setting credentials using win_iis.container_setting (#57285)

  • Fixes issue with cmd.powershell. Some powershell commands do not return anything in stdout. This causes the JSON parser to fail because an empty string is not valid JSON. This changes an empty string to {} which is valid JSON and will not cause the JSON loader to stacktrace. (#57493)

  • Improves performance. Profiling on Windows shows that 13 of 17 seconds are wasted when the esxi grain loads vsphere before noting that the OS is not a esxi host. (#57529)

  • Fixed permissions issue with certain pip/virtualenv states/modules when configured for non-root user. (#57550)

  • Allow running nox sessions either using our nox-py2 fork or upstream nox. (#57583)

  • Fixes issue with lgpo.get when there are unicode characters in the hostname (#57591)

  • Fixes issue with virtual block devices, like loopbacks and LVMs, wrongly populating the "disks" or "ssds" grains. (#57612)

  • Due to some optimization the virtual grain was never updated on illumos. Move the fallback in prtdiag output parsing outside the loop that now gets skipped due to the command exiting non-zero. (#57714)

  • Grains module delkey and delval methods now support the force option. This is needed for deleting grains with complex (nested) values. (#57718)

  • Moving import salt.modules.vsphere into __virtual__ so we have access to test proxytype in opts, previously this was causing a traceback when run on proxy minion as __opts__ does not exist outside of any functions. Introducing a new utils function, is_proxytype, to check that the device is a proxy minion and also that the proxy type matches. (#57743)

  • Fixed fail_with_changes in the test state to use the comment argument when passed. (#57766)

  • Adds a fix so salt can run on the latest macOS version Big Sur. (#57787)

  • Fixes UnpackValueError when using GPG cache by using atomic open. (#57798)

  • The gid_from_name argument was removed from the user.present state in version 3001, with no deprecation path. It has been restored and put on a proper deprecation path. (#57843)

  • Fixes dictionary being changed during iteration. (#57845)


  • Added docs demonstrating how to apply an MSI patch with winrepo (#32780)