Salt 3005.1 Release Notes

Version 3005.1 is a bug fix release for 3005.



  • Fix arch parsing issue in apt source files (#62247)

  • Fixed parsing CDROM apt sources (#62474)

  • Use str() method instead of repo_line for when python3-apt is installed or not in aptpkg.py. (#62546)

  • Remove the connection_timeout from netmiko_connection_args before netmiko_connection_args is added to context["netmiko_device"]["args"] which is passed along to the Netmiko library. (#62547)

  • fixes #62553 by checking for disabled master_type before starting master connection and skipping it if set. (#62553)

  • Fix runas with cmd module when using the onedir bundled packages (#62565)

  • Fix the Pyinstaller hooks to preserve the environment if None is passed. (#62567, #62628)

  • pkgrepo.managed sets wrong permissions on keys installed to /etc/apt/keyring (#62569)

  • pkgrepo.managed creates zero byte gpg files when dearmoring contents to the same filename (#62570)

  • Ensure default values for IPC Buffers are correct type (#62591)

  • Fix a hang on salt-ssh when using sudo. (#62603)

  • Renderers now have access to the correct set of salt functions. (#62610, #62620)

  • Fix including Jinja template from absolute path (#62611)

  • include jmespath in package requirements (#62613)

  • Fix pkgrepo.managed signed-by in test=true mode (#62662)

  • Ensure the status of the service is captured when the beacon function is called, even when the event is not being emitted. (#62675)

  • The sub proxies controlled by Deltaproxy need to have their own req_channel otherwise there are timeout exceptions when the __master_req_channel_payload is fired and reacted on. (#62708)