Salt 2015.8.5 Release Notes

Version 2015.8.5 is a bugfix release for 2015.8.0.


About this Release Salt 2015.8.5 is identical to the 2015.8.4 release with the addition of a fix for issue 30820, fixed by PR 30833. See here for the 2015.8.4 release notes.

Known Issue in boto_* execution modules

This release contains an issue that causes the boto_* execution modules to display a __salt__ not defined error (issue 30300). This issue will be fixed in an upcoming release, but can be manually resolved by completing the following:

  1. Download the boto_* execution modules that you would like to update from the 2015.8 branch of Salt. A complete list of affected modules with the specific changes is available in :pull`30867`.

    A simple way to get the updated modules is to download a zip file of the 2015.8 branch from GitHub. The updated modules are in the salt\modules directory.

  2. Place the boto_* modules into salt://_modules.

  3. Run the following command to sync these modules to all Salt minions:

    salt '*' saltutil.sync_modules

Changelog for v2015.8.4..v2015.8.5

Generated at: 2018-05-27 23:47:32 UTC

  • c7db4350d5 Fix regression in scanning for state with 'name' param