Functions to perform introspection on a minion, and return data in a format usable by Salt States


Return which packages own each of the services that are currently enabled.

CLI Example:

salt myminion introspect.enabled_service_owners
salt.modules.introspect.running_service_owners(exclude=('/dev', '/home', '/media', '/proc', '/run', '/sys/', '/tmp', '/var'))

Determine which packages own the currently running services. By default, excludes files whose full path starts with /dev, /home, /media, /proc, /run, /sys, /tmp and /var. This can be overridden by passing in a new list to exclude.

CLI Example:

salt myminion introspect.running_service_owners

Return running and enabled services in a highstate structure. By default also returns package dependencies for those services, which means that package definitions must be created outside this function. To drop the package dependencies, set requires to False.

CLI Example:

salt myminion introspect.service_highstate
salt myminion introspect.service_highstate requires=False