The 'sysbench' module is used to analyze the performance of the minions, right from the master! It measures various system parameters such as CPU, Memory, File I/O, Threads and Mutex.


Tests for the CPU performance of minions.

CLI Examples:

salt '*' sysbench.cpu

This tests for the file read and write operations Various modes of operations are

  • sequential write

  • sequential rewrite

  • sequential read

  • random read

  • random write

  • random read and write

The test works with 32 files with each file being 1Gb in size The test consumes a lot of time. Be patient!

CLI Examples:

salt '*' sysbench.fileio

This tests the memory for read and write operations.

CLI Examples:

salt '*' sysbench.memory

Tests the implementation of mutex

CLI Examples:

salt '*' sysbench.mutex

This tests the performance of the processor's scheduler

CLI Example:

salt '*' sysbench.threads