Module to provide Postgres compatibility to salt for debian family specific tools.

salt.modules.deb_postgres.cluster_create(version, name='main', port=None, locale=None, encoding=None, datadir=None, allow_group_access=None, data_checksums=None, wal_segsize=None)

Adds a cluster to the Postgres server.

CLI Example:

salt '*' postgres.cluster_create '9.3'

salt '*' postgres.cluster_create '9.3' 'main'

salt '*' postgres.cluster_create '9.3' locale='fr_FR'

salt '*' postgres.cluster_create '11' data_checksums=True wal_segsize='32'
salt.modules.deb_postgres.cluster_exists(version, name='main')

Checks if a given version and name of a cluster exists.

CLI Example:

salt '*' postgres.cluster_exists '9.3'

salt '*' postgres.cluster_exists '9.3' 'main'

Return a list of cluster of Postgres server (tuples of version and name).

CLI Example:

salt '*' postgres.cluster_list

salt '*' postgres.cluster_list verbose=True
salt.modules.deb_postgres.cluster_remove(version, name='main', stop=False)

Remove a cluster on a Postgres server. By default it doesn't try to stop the cluster.

CLI Example:

salt '*' postgres.cluster_remove '9.3'

salt '*' postgres.cluster_remove '9.3' 'main'

salt '*' postgres.cluster_remove '9.3' 'main' stop=True