Module for full system inspection.'qcow2', path='/tmp/')

Build an image from a current system description. The image is a system image can be output in bootable ISO or QCOW2 formats.

Node uses the image building library Kiwi to perform the actual build.


  • format: Specifies output format: "qcow2" or "iso. Default: qcow2.

  • path: Specifies output path where to store built image. Default: /tmp.

CLI Example:

salt myminion
salt myminion format=iso path=/opt/builds/
salt.modules.inspector.delete(all=False, *databases)

Remove description snapshots from the system.

::parameter: all. Default: False. Remove all snapshots, if set to True.

CLI Example:

salt myminion inspector.delete <ID> <ID1> <ID2>..
salt myminion inspector.delete all=True
salt.modules.inspector.export(local=False, path='/tmp', format='qcow2')

Export an image description for Kiwi.


  • local: Specifies True or False if the export has to be in the local file. Default: False.

  • path: If local=True, then specifies the path where file with the Kiwi description is written.

    Default: /tmp.

CLI Example:

salt myminion inspector.export
salt myminion inspector.export format=iso path=/opt/builds/
salt.modules.inspector.inspect(mode='all', priority=19, **kwargs)

Start node inspection and save the data to the database for further query.


  • mode: Clarify inspection mode: configuration, payload, all (default)

    • filter: Comma-separated directories to track payload.

  • priority: (advanced) Set priority of the inspection. Default is low priority.

CLI Example:

salt '*' inspector.inspect
salt '*' inspector.inspect configuration
salt '*' inspector.inspect payload filter=/opt,/ext/oracle
salt.modules.inspector.query(*args, **kwargs)

Query the node for specific information.


  • scope: Specify scope of the query.

    • System: Return system data.

    • Software: Return software information.

    • Services: Return known services.

    • Identity: Return user accounts information for this system.

      Can be either 'local', 'remote' or 'all' (equal to "local,remote"). Remote accounts cannot be resolved on all systems, but only those, which supports 'passwd -S -a'.


      True (or False, default) to return only disabled accounts.

    • payload: Payload scope parameters:

      Include only results which path starts from the filter string.


      Display time in Unix ticks or format according to the configured TZ (default) Values: ticks, tz (default)


      Format size. Values: B, KB, MB, GB


      Include payload type. Values (comma-separated): directory (or dir), link, file (default) Example (returns everything): type=directory,link,file


      Resolve UID/GID to an actual names or leave them numeric (default). Values: name (default), id


      Return just a list of payload elements, if True. Default: False.

    • all: Return all information (default).

CLI Example:

salt '*' inspector.query scope=system
salt '*' inspector.query scope=payload type=file,link filter=/etc size=Kb brief=False

List current description snapshots.

CLI Example:

salt myminion inspector.snapshots