Module for gathering and managing information about MooseFS

salt.modules.moosefs.dirinfo(path, opts=None)

Return information on a directory located on the Moose

CLI Example:

salt '*' moosefs.dirinfo /path/to/dir/ [-[n][h|H]]

Return information on a file located on the Moose

CLI Example:

salt '*' moosefs.fileinfo /path/to/dir/
salt.modules.moosefs.getgoal(path, opts=None)

Return goal(s) for a file or directory

CLI Example:

salt '*' moosefs.getgoal /path/to/file [-[n][h|H]]
salt '*' moosefs.getgoal /path/to/dir/ [-[n][h|H][r]]

Return a list of current MooseFS mounts

CLI Example:

salt '*' moosefs.mounts