Module for devinfo :maintainer: Alberto Planas <> :maturity: new :depends: None :platform: Linux

salt.modules.devinfo.filter_(udev_in=None, udev_ex=None)

Returns a list of devices, filtered under udev keys.


A dictionary of key:values that are expected in the device udev information


A dictionary of key:values that are not expected in the device udev information (excluded)

The key is a lower case string, joined by dots, that represent a path in the udev information dictionary. For example, 'e.id_bus' will represent the udev entry udev['E']['ID_BUS']

If the udev entry is a list, the algorithm will check that at least one item match one item of the value of the parameters.

Returns list of devices that match udev_in and do not match udev_ex.

CLI Example:

salt '*' devinfo.filter udev_in='{"e.id_bus": "ata"}'
salt.modules.devinfo.hwinfo(items=None, short=True, listmd=False, devices=None)

Probe for hardware


List of hardware items to inspect. Default ['bios', 'cpu', 'disk', 'memory', 'network', 'partition']


Show only a summary. Default True.


Report RAID devices. Default False.


List of devices to show information from. Default None.

CLI Example:

salt '*' devinfo.hwinfo
salt '*' devinfo.hwinfo items='["disk"]' short=no
salt '*' devinfo.hwinfo items='["disk"]' short=no devices='["/dev/sda"]'
salt '*' devinfo.hwinfo devices=/dev/sda