Glues the VMware vSphere Execution Module to the VMware ESXi Proxy Minions to the esxi proxymodule.


This module will be deprecated in a future release of Salt. VMware strongly recommends using the VMware Salt extensions instead of the ESXi module. Because the Salt extensions are newer and actively supported by VMware, they are more compatible with current versions of ESXi and they work well with the latest features in the VMware product line.

Depends: vSphere Remote Execution Module (salt.modules.vsphere)

For documentation on commands that you can direct to an ESXi host via proxy, look in the documentation for salt.modules.vsphere.

This execution module calls through to a function in the ESXi proxy module called ch_config, which looks up the function passed in the command parameter in salt.modules.vsphere and calls it.

To execute commands with an ESXi Proxy Minion using the vSphere Execution Module, use the esxi.cmd <vsphere-function-name> syntax. Both args and kwargs needed for various vsphere execution module functions must be passed through in a kwarg- type manor.

salt 'esxi-proxy' esxi.cmd system_info
salt 'exsi-proxy' esxi.cmd get_service_policy service_name='ssh'
salt.modules.esxi.cmd(command, *args, **kwargs)